Intercaps Filling Systems’ key labelling machine

Intercaps Filling Systems’ key labelling machine

Broxburn Bottlers Ltd has chosen Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd as a supplier of a key labeling machine for its bottling plant.

The MIXI labeller was chosen for its specifications, as it is modular, (that is every single labelling station is mounted on wheels and can be removed from the labeller and substituted with a different one if required); accommodates 16 heads, six labelling stations – of which three cold glue and three self-adhesive; has a position for the application of ink jet coding on the labels; and has an electronic orientation cam to orient the bottles. 

A visual camera system can be added to orient the bottles visually if required, while in this solution the orientation is done only electronically with a Hybrid system using mechanical orienting references on the bottles.

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Holly Aston