Improving imports

Improving imports

The frozen food market is more mature in the rest of Europe compared to the UK where preserving fresh foods in the warmer climate has traditionally been difficult. The solution to transporting frozen products, even in the heat of a Greek summer, has always been eutectics.

This ultra low maintenance refrigeration system is now available in the UK through Cold Logic. Maintaining temperatures as low as 30℃ and allowing multi-drop for up to 12 hours without reliance on the vehicle, this logistics strategy has always been good value for the frozen food industry.

Truck bodies are available from pick-up truck to 26-tonne vehicles. Completed bodies can be delivered, secured to vehicles, and up and running within eight weeks from the first enquiry.

The instability of the Euro zone has had a marked effect on imports. Cold Logic can accept payment in Euros, enabling many clients to take advantage of the Euro situation.

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Holly Aston