FSDF supports board game to encourage young talent to industry

FSDF supports board game to encourage young talent to industry

The Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) has announced that it will be one of the logistics partners supporting an innovative new board game designed to educate 9 to 19 year olds about the global supply chain industry.

‘Business on the Move’ is a game that aims to excite young people about global business and inspire the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. The game introduces young players to the importance of decision-making in business, as they are tasked to move a range of products from China to their UK customers by land, air and sea as quickly, as profitably and as responsibly as they can. The challenges demonstrate a variety of vital business skills including communication and numeracy, balancing conflicting priorities, competing, planning, problem solving and negotiating.

Designed and developed by two former teachers, the game has been robustly tested by more than 500 pupils and their teachers from 31 schools across the UK. According to the developers, the next step is to raise sufficient business sponsorship to underpin the launch of ‘Business on the Move’ in a series of events across the UK, providing free games to over 400 schools and involving 12,000 pupils in twelve months.

The game’s sustainable business model projects that Business on the Move will reach more than 100,000 young people within five years. Participating logistics and retail companies will both feature in the game and celebrate their actual role in the supply chain through a case study created ‘in pupilspeak’ and designed for use in follow-up lessons.

Chris Sturman, CEO of FSDF commented: “One of the current hot topics for our members is skill shortages and the ongoing attraction of talent to the industry. It is for this reason we are delighted to be associated with the ‘Business on the Move’ project, which we feel will help to excite young people about the global supply chain business and underpin how it functions as a fundamental part of global business overall.

The game comes as part of the FSDF’s strategy to actively attract, develop and retain talent into the food supply chain industry. They have been working to develop a number of training and professional development pathways which includes apprenticeship schemes as well being in the process of developing higher education career opportunities through specifically designed company modules, Foundation degrees and Masters programmes.

For further information on the Professional Development Pathway programme or any of the FSDF’s services go to www.fsdf.org.uk or for information on Business on the Move go to www.businessonthemove.org.

Holly Aston