Foreign oversize fuel tanks and their problems for the logistics industry

Foreign oversize fuel tanks and their problems for the logistics industry

Government must take action now on foreign trucks using oversize fuel tanks, says Rhys Davies Freight Logistics…

Transport company Rhys Davies Freight Logistics says the government must take action now to stop foreign operators continuing to gain an unfair advantage by using cheap European diesel carried in huge retro fitted fuel tanks. 

The issue of foreign lorries using oversize fuel tanks is not a new one but the hefty increase in diesel prices caused by the extra duty imposed by the government will make it even more difficult for UK-based companies to compete.

Gary Phillips, Commercial Manager of Rhys Davies said, “We all know that foreign trucks have been coming over from Europe with non-standard tanks for years, but with the price of diesel now at record levels it’s time for the government to take action. Hundreds of foreign trucks are coming into the UK every day and once they’ve made their inbound delivery are continuing to operate here until their return to the Continent where they fill up with cheap diesel. They’re effectively stealing British domestic customers because their fuel costs are so much lower.”

It’s not just British transport companies who are losing out to the jumbo sized fuel tanks. The loss in revenue to the government is estimated to be enormous too.  Way back in 2006 when giving evidence to the transport committee Alan McKinnon and Maja Piecyk of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh calculated that foreign truckers should have paid £300 million that year in transport taxes alone. However, despite all the rhetoric no action has been taken by the government to crack down on the diesel cheats.

“The government must take some kind of action to stop this unfair competition,” continued Gary Phillips.
“Domestic operators have no choice but to buy their diesel in the UK and pay the tax levied by the exchequer, while these foreign companies are thumbing their noses at us and getting away with it.”

Holly Aston