Food industry comments on energy bill announcement

Food industry comments on energy bill announcement

Commenting on yesterday’s (29th November) Energy Bill announcement, Andrew Kuyk, Director of Sustainability said:


“Energy costs are an increasingly significant factor for the UK’s food and drink industry, which is the country’s largest manufacturing sector. The previous uncertainty over future policy was also beginning to impact on our competitiveness by acting as a disincentive to investment decisions vital to help us achieve our ambitions for sustainable growth and improved export performance.

“Today’s announcements bring some overdue clarity on the future direction of travel, though much detail has still to be resolved. Secure and stable supplies of safe, nutritious and affordable food are also a key strategic priority for any nation, and this needs to be taken into account in deciding which sectors qualify for exemptions from some of the cost implications of low carbon developments or how to incentivise reductions in demand.

“We look forward to engaging in further discussions on how to bring about the changes necessary to enable ours and other UK industries to maximise both their productive potential and their energy efficiency in increasingly competitive world markets.”

Holly Aston