Cadbury chooses Jetran®

Cadbury chooses Jetran®

Cadbury’s India has selected a Jetran® cylinder to present its premier gift set , King Pack. This is the company’s premier gift set and encompasses many of the latest developments in Jetran® packaging.

The pack consists of a clear cylinder, which is made from a special formulation of PET film to ensure maximum visibility to the chocolates. The end caps are made using a specialist PP polymer colour-matched to deliver maximum impact on the shelf. Both materials comply with Cadbury’s environmental policies regarding recyclability and after use.

The PET film has excellent clarity and a sparkling surface finish, which ensures maximum visual impact on shelf. In bulk production the Jetran® sleeve is supplied packed flat. This reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging by ensuring minimum logistic and transport volumes.

With production facilities throughout India the packaging was easy to distribute and delivered in time and on time. To assist with the assembly Bell technicians visited each plant to demonstrate the correct assembly technique.

Managing Director, Rahul Gupta spent three days in the Cadbury factory at Madhya Pradesh ensuring that the finished packs were assembled and delivered to the shops in the best condition.

On the bottom of the packs the patented design of Jetlok® closure was chosen. Registered under Patent No. GB 2355000B the feature is simple to insert and lock into position. The lid is a completely new design – with the Cadbury’s logo embossed into the surface giving instant recognition to the pack.

Graphics are applied to the pack by using a printed insert card, which is easy to change to reflect any change in contents or occasion and makes recycling the different components easier.

Key to the success of this design is that the pack has a secondary use. This means that after the chocolates have been eaten the recipient can use the finished packaging for other purposes. The printed insert card is removed leaving a versatile clear container, which is ideal for storage and personal use.

Following the huge success of this design Cadbury and Bell Packaging are now developing new designs for 2013 using the Jetran® principle.

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Holly Aston