100 per cent oxy-biodegradable range from Invopak

100 per cent oxy-biodegradable range from Invopak

Invopak recognises the industry’s need to take environmental issues into consideration when sourcing new suppliers. It has recently announced a distribution agreement with Polish company, Cheko, to stock its oxy-biodegradable square and rectangle plastic buckets. Established in 1988, Cheko claims to be the first manufacturer to produce oxy-biodegradable plastic containers that are 100 per cent eco-friendly.

Thanks to the special addition of the modifying agent d2w® to polypropylene, Cheko’s containers decompose into water, carbon dioxide, biomass and trace elements in just a few years, instead of clogging up landfill sites for years on end. Cheko’s products are all made from food grade polypropylene and contents are protected through a collar system, which incorporates a tamper evident feature for added security.

Invopak’s Sales Director, Scott Sandilands, says, “Cheko’s products offer our customers a cost effective, viable alternative to ‘environmentally friendly’ plastic products currently available.”

For more information call 0161 366 4451 or visit www.invopak.co.uk.

Holly Aston